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Real Estate Marketing Flyer

Creating a great real estate flyer is an important but often overlooked part of the real estate marketing process. Is it enough to put a few images of a home, some text and a phone number on a sheet of paper? Madison Avenue would probably tell you that it is not. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry and your customers are going to be bombarded with sophisticated radio, television, Internet and print advertising every day. If you don’t have a million dollar ad budget then don’t worry. There are a lot of smart ways to create a great real estate flyer without it costing too much. Even if you are only going to spend fifty dollars you can still create a great flyer.

Step #1 : Start with the Right Template 

If you’re going to create a template on a tight budget then you are going to need to use a template for your flyer. A few years ago, a template would have been the last solution I would recommend. Luckily things have changed in recent years. The internet is full of beautiful flyer templates that are easy to use and look great. Make sure that the template is the right template for the property that you are selling.  Templates that are packaged with software such as Microsoft Word or Publisher are always a bad idea. Why? They are too common and they are not specific to the real estate industry. In my community, a very tech-driven area, every high school science fair student and used car salesman uses these templates.
For this demonstration I am using a template specific to the real estate industry. Imprev is a company that has a huge inventory of templates that are both unique and designed especially for real estate. Imprev sells templates through a subscription that includes email, virtual tours, contact management and many other marketing materials for one price.
The most important part of creating a polished look and feel is to make sure that the colors in the template will match your photography. In a magazine or catalog, like the pottery barn catalog, everything from the color of the upholstery to the leash on the dog will be perfectly matched. You don’t have to go to that degree with everything but a house with burgundy furniture will look best in a burgundy template.

Text Box: Three rules for selecting a real estate flyer template.  #1 Find a template provider that is unique (Microsoft Templates are too common)  #2 Find a template provider that specializes in real estate  #3 Find a template that matches the photography that you are using. 

real estate flyer

After purchasing an account with Imprev I start sorting through all one hundred and fifty seven of the Imprev flyers looking for the perfect one. I select a real estate marketing flyer with tulips. The home that I am selling has a beautiful flower garden that anyone would love. I choose a flyer with a close up of some tulips – an image that I feel would tie the look and feel together and could have come from the flower garden on the property.

The inside of the home is staged with light wood details and white cloth and the house is painted with a reddish accent. Both of these will work with this design.

(real estate marketing flyer continued...)

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