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Real Estate Marketing Letter

Professional communication skills can’t be overemphasized in an industry that relies on personal relationships. While many real estate agents are great talkers and even better salesman, their written communication skills may not be up to the task. Not every real estate agent requires the skills of a professional copywriter their are plenty of alternatives that are both cost effective and produce professional results.  This article documents the resources and alternatives that can help a real estate agent create effective written communication and provide tips on how to create great copy.

Free Real Estate Marketing Letters

If you don’t feel that your literary skills are at the highest level – don’t worry. Not everyone can or should write marketing letters. If your skill is selling then sell, and leave the rest to the online community. The worst thing that you can do is alienate a great prospect by sending a poorly written marketing letter. Marketing is more than just grammar and spelling - it is communication. The internet is a wealth of information and resources that can help you win business without the headaches and wasted time trying to paste words together. If you need something quick and easy, feel free to download one of our free real estate marketing letters here:

Download these marketing letters for free:

1. Sample Real Estate Marketing Letter     2. Sample Real Estate Marketing Letter 


Real Estate Marketing Services Provide Great Letters

Imprev offers a full suite of unique services that include some very innovative real estate marketing tools. The “Phrase Assistant” allows you to select the exact sentences and paragraphs that you want for each section of a newsletter or flyer from a drop down list. Even better, you can select from colorful templates that present your words in the best possible light. This tool is interesting because it allows you to build a customized message without having to worry too much about specific wording or grammar.

Basic Rules of Real Estate Marketing Communication

While these sample real estate marketing letters will work for most agents, they will not work in every circumstance. In many instances the copy needs to be personalized or more specific than the free samples that are available online. Real state marketing is much like other forms of professional advertising communication. If you simply understand some basic rules of advertising then you can improve the way that you communicate with your clients. Advertising is not difficult to comprehend. We are surrounded by advertising so you probably have more expertise than you realize.

#1 Keep it Simple and Understandable
Advertising is not great literature. It is not poetry and hopefully it is not creative fiction. Advertising is meant to be easy for the reader to digest. The best copywriters can explain complex concepts and emotions in simple elegant terms that any reader can understand. Sentences should be composed of simple noun/verb structures and composed of words no larger than three syllables.

#2 Appeal to Your Client’s Emotion, Not Logic
“Three Bedroom Split Level in the Mapleworth Neighborhood” is not as good a headline as “Wooded Mapleworth Garden Home”. You must give your marketing copy texture and sensation in order to appeal to the buyer on an emotional level. Some advertisers argue that an ad should evoke a client’s emotion such as joy, surprise, anticipation, acceptance, fear, anger, sadness or disgust. The easiest emotion to target when selling a home is acceptance. The client is buying acceptance from their family, from their new community, and from a real estate agent that understands your price concerns.

#3 Establish Credibility
Credibility may not be easy to establish but it is very easy to lose. A run on sentence, misspelling or grammatical error can ruin a relationship that took months to develop. Credibility can be established in other ways.

#4 Include a Call to Action

One of the easiest ways to undermine mess up an otherwise great marketing campaign is by forgetting to request something from the client. The reader understands that you didn’t send them the letter because you want to get to know them. You want their business. If you don’t have an established relationship with a perspective client, an initial contact letter may not be the best place to directly ask someone to sell their seven hundred thousand dollar lakefront home. Instead, offer a smaller service that can move the relationship forward. Send home prices for similar homes in the area or ask if there is any research they might need in making their decision.

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