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Real Estate Virtual Tour (continued)

Selecting the Right Template 

It is important to select the right template for your Virtual Tour. Most importantly the colors of the template should match the colors in the photography. Several companies have beautiful virtual tour templates but not every template is right for every house. If you are uploading twenty or thirty images it is difficult to get all them to match the template. I like to use white or light grey templates that don’t include many stark colors that could clash with my images. This is the same reason that all art galleries have white walls.
The white and grey templates that I choose from the Imprev library work with many more colors. In addition, the template uses a nice light soundtrack so I don’t have to go through the cost and time creating a professional voice over.
virtual tour

Finding the Right Images

The images really sell the property so don’t skimp in this area. Obviously it would be better to use a professional photographer or even a local art student but even if you are photographing the house yourself a few tricks can help create a better presentation. The house that I am photographing has a beautiful dining room and family room but the master bedroom, kitchen and guest bedroom look dated.
real estate virtual tour

The kitchen looks great but the guest bedrooms are not as nice.

(Real Estate Marketing Virtual Tour Continued...)

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