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Chicago Real Estate Marketing


Sweet Home Chicago

Home to a variety of culture, entertainment and ethnic diversity, Chicago is the nation’s third largest city,  with a population of 2.9 million. It is a city that has something to offer every walk of life.  From sports to theater, fine dining to Jazz clubs as well as a strong educational system, it is truly a city that is a delight to call home.

With a balanced economy, Chicago is home to many different types of business and industry.  It houses a thriving financial district and is the second largest business center in the United States.  The city is the location of one of the US federal reserve banks and has four major financial exchanges.  These include the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, The Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. There are also several large companies that call the city  and surrounding area home, including:

  1. Abbott Laboratories
  2. Allstate
  3. Aon Corp.
  4. Baxter International
  5. Boeing
  6. Brunswick Corporation
  7. Fortune Brands
  8. Illinois Tool Works
  9. Kraft Foods
  10. McDonald’s
  11. Motorola
  12. Sara Lee
  13. Sears Holding Corporation
  14. Service Master
  15. Tribune Company
  16. Walgreen’s
  17. William Wrigley Jr. Company
  18. Playboy

While the Chicago of old was primarily populated by Irish and Polish immigrants, today it is a melting pot of cultures.  The city has a large Hispanic community and also is home to many Asian and Eastern European residents.  Because of this you will find a wide array of architectural styles, cuisine and ethic shops throughout the city.

Chicago is a city on the go, with over half of its residents under the age of 40.  It has a wide variety of entertainment options to suit the tastes of an young urban lifestyle, including several professional sports teams and a thriving theater district.  It is also known for its art and educational museums and boasts the world renowned Alder Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry.  All of these are housed in a museum campus just off the shores of Lake Michigan.  The campus is also home to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Residents in Chicago enjoy the benefits of four distinct seasons.  Summers are generally warm with average highs in July around 85 degrees, while winters can be quite cold, with January average lows around 16 degrees.  It does benefit from the breezes off Lake Michigan in the warm summer months, while the lake tends to keep things slightly warmer (relatively speaking), than inland areas during cold winter days.

Chicago’s real estate market is just a diverse at the city in which it is located.  The downtown area has recently undergone a resurgence of activity with the development of upscale condos.  The city also has many residential areas that each offer their own unique benefits and archetectural styles.   These dwellings can include townhomes, brownstones, victorian or georgian archtecture, as well as rowhomes, flats and bungalows.  The median home price in the area is $273, 500.

Being a town that was founded on the printing and newspaper business, Chicago has many print options for real estate marketing.  The top daily newspapers include the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald.  There are several online venues open for real estate marketing as well.  Some realtors use a blog format to keep customers informed of real estate news and updates.  One such example is the site www.chicagorealestatelocal.blogspot.com.  Another source of advertising in through Relocate America (www.relocateamerica.com).  This site offers detailed information about the city as well as a place to view listings.  There are also opportunities for agents to be featured.  Finally, the site www.chicago.citysearch.com, is a great place for realtors to include contact information for individuals looking for an agent.

Chicago offers residents the charm of neighborhood living with the appeal of Midwestern values.  With a plethora of activities and events and economic stability, it is a great city to call home.

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