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Los Angeles Real Estate Marketing


Los Angeles The Warm California Sun Calls People Home

Home to over 13 million people, Los Angeles (LA) is not only a leading city in the United States, but it leads the world in culture, business, technology, education and foreign trade.  Known as the motion picture capital of the world, Los Angeles also holds the pulse of the entertainment industry. 

The city and surrounding metro area have a diverse geographic topography.   Los Angeles has mountain vistas, hilly terrain, and spectacular views of the pacific ocean.  The climate is one of the major benefits of the area.  Known as a Mediterranean climate, the area has warm summers and mild but wet winters.  Summer highs can be over 90 degrees, but the average is around 82. Winter highs average 65 degrees, with the median temperature in January at 57.
Echo Park, as seen with Lotus Plants and Palm Trees.
Given its warm climate and geographical location, residents in Los Angeles and the surrounding communties are known for their active lifestyles.  Fitness and healthy lifestyles are in vouge in the area with numerous opportunites to run, bike, swim and hike in one of the many parks, beaches and other recreation areas. Other favorite pasttimes include taking part in the cultural and arts scene and enjoying one of the areas professional sporting events (Dodgers–MLB, Kings–NHL, Clippers–NBA, Lakers–NBA, Sparks–WNBA, Galaxy–MLS, Club Deportivo Chivas USA–MLS, Riptide–Major League LaCrosse, Avengers–Arena Football).

LA’s economy is strong, with a great deal of its success derived from the entertainment industry.  However, international trade, aerospace and manufacturing also play a large role in the region’s accomplishments.  Given its proximity to the Pacific ocean, the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports are among the busiests and most significant in all of North America as well as the world.  It is not surprising that numerous large companies call Los Angeles home.  Among the most notable are:

  1. Northrop Grumman
  2. Occidental Petroleum
  3. HealthNet
  4. KN Home
  5. Reliance Steel
  6. Citigroup
  7. Wells Fargo
  8. KPMG
  9. US Bank
  10. Deloitte Touche
  11. Hiton Hotels
  12. Walt Disney Company
  13. Warner Bros.
  14. Columbia Pictures
  15. Mattel


The area is also home to several major universities and colleges.  There are three public universities – UCLA, California State Univeristy, Northridge, California State University, Los Angeles.  In addition, there are a wide variety of private institutions of higher education including USC, Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College and the American Film Institute Conservatory.  LA also has many community colleges within its metro area.  With regard to elementary and secondary education, the Los Angeles Unified School District serves most of the city of LA.  There are also numerous award winning districts outside the city confines, but still part of the metro area. 

The area’s housing market is very competitive, with home values that are higher than many other major cities in the United States.  The average median price for a single family home in LA is $464,333.  The two to five year home price gain is 29.58%.

There are many online sources for marketing real estate in Los Angeles.  The website www.mydreamlocale.com provides relocation advice as well as links to local realtors.  Agents can also provide contact information on the site www.countylosangeles.com.  The site also offers visitors the ability to view homes for sale.  The local and regional MLS listings are
another key online marketing tool for agents. 

Print publications in the LA market are plentiful.  Some of the more prominent community papers include The Burbank Leader, The Burbank Times, Gazette Newspapers, Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles Downtown News, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Malibu Times, Record Ledger and Star News.

Los Angeles is a city that offers serious opportunities, serious entertainment outlets, serious economic advantages and serious fun in the warm California sun!

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