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Seattle Real Estate Marketing


Smart, Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

Stunning natural beauty and a vibrant metropolitan area are just two of the things that draw people to Seattle, Washington.  The area plays host to a melting pot of cultural and athletic opportunities and is a nature lovers paradise.  Seattle is a city of geographical diversity as well.  The city itself has a very hilly terrain, while it boasts breath taking views of the Puget Sound to the West and Lake Washington to the east.  It is home to hundreds of parks, biking, hiking and running trails and other lush green spaces.  Seattle is also known as an eco-friendly city with environmental concerns at the forefront of local issues.

Home to over 3.5 million residents, the greater Seattle area is a hotbed of business and economic growth as well.  The largest employer in the city of Seattle is the University of Washington, however they area plays host to a variety industry sectors including health care, bio-tech, medical equipment, aerospace, information technology, environmental industry, manufacturing and many others.  Seattle’s ten largest publicly held companies include:

  1. Costco
  2. Microsoft
  3. Weyerhaeuser
  4. Washington Mutual
  5. Paccar
  6. Amazon.com
  7. Nordstrom
  8. Starbucks
  9. Safteco
  10. Expeditors International

While Seattle has an infamous reputation for its rainy weather, in exchange for consistently sunny skies, it provides residents relatively mild winters.  High temperatures in July are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter sees lows below freezing an average of 15 times per year and rarely sees heavy snowfalls.  The wettest times in the Seattle region are during the months of October through May with an average of 37 inches of rain per year.

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Seattle is also a smart city, with 92 percent of its residents over the age of 25 holding a high school diploma and over half (53%) a Bachelors degree or higher.  The city has over 45,000 students enrolled in public schools and also hosts more than 300 private schools.  In addition, the area has 9 University, college or community college campuses. 

The median price for a home in Seattle and the surrounding communities is $372,400, while the median family income is $74,300. Seattle is also known for its thriving art community and ranks in the top five American Cities for arts and arts related businesses (according to Americans for the Arts).  It was also ranked the number three walking city in the United States and the most Unwired City (for its wireless Internet connectivity).  The area also is home to several professional sports teams including the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), SuperSonics (NBA), Mariners (MLB), Sounders (soccer), Storm (WNBA).

Given its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and international waters, Seattle is known as a hub for international commerce.  In the year 2006 the Seattle Ports exported over $53 billion in goods to ten leading countries (China, Japan, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Ireland and Mexico).

Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods offer residents a wide variety of amenities.  Each community has its own distinct atmosphere giving the Seattle area a small town feel within an bustling urban setting.  Finding and marketing real estate in the area can be done through both traditional and technological methods.  The areas leading newspaper publications include the Seattle Post Intelligencer and the Seattle Times.   In addition to area MLS listing services the Greater Seattle InfoGuide (www.seattleinfoguide.com) is a great way for agents to showcase their practice.   The news and entertainment site Seattle.net also provides the opportunity for both service and home listings.

Burgeoning with both economic opportunities and known for its positive contributions in education, environmental issues and the arts, Seattle offers residents a wonderful community in which to work and live.




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