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Real Estate Marketing


Real Estate Marketing Sage is a practical guide to real estate marketing with proven tactics you can use to grow your business. As a real estate agent, you??e probably already learned a simple truth: the success of your business is as much a function of your skill at marketing as it is a function of your knowledge of real estate. Inside this site, you??l find expert tips for acquiring new clients, retaining existing clients and selling properties faster for more money.

Inside, we provide general guidelines, talk about strategies for planning your marketing effort, and offer specific ideas related to marketing tactics and activities. We cover online media, which has become an increasingly important arena for marketing real estate, as well as the universe of offline and print activities.??BR>



  Your Personal Brand: A Framework for Strategizing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts
In real estate, you are your own brand. It pays to take some time to think consciously about what qualities you want people to associate with you and take steps to manage your personal brand. Managed well, that personal brand becomes a powerful asset in your efforts to win new listings and get repeat business from past customers. Managed poorly, it can become a drag on your business and force you to work harder than you need to or prevent you from succeeding in real estate altogether.
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Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Produce Professional-Quality Marketing Materials
So?¦you have some marketing ideas or maybe a full-blown marketing plan. You know what you want to do. Now all you need to do is execute, which probably means figuring out how to design your marketing materials, produce them and send them out. You want them to look professional and drive your message home.

mailbox man postcard   New!  Can a Postcard do More than Say ??i??
Say the word ??ostcard??and most people immediately think of that glossy picture of palm trees you get from friends who are on vacation. Successful real estate agents know that the seemingly humble postcard can serve two vital functions in real estate marketing...

set   Online Marketing Tools Selling commercial and residential real estate is not the job of a real estate agent. It is a side effect. A successful real estate agent sells themselves, and the key to selling yourself is effective communication. Clear, concise, applicable marketing material that is delivered in a timely manner will develop the type of valuable leads that turn into sales.?

With the growth of the real estate market, effective communication has never been more important.? A neighborhood that was served by three or four agents may now be divided between dozens. Each agent is spending money, buying advertising, hosting open houses, and hoping to perfect a message that will distinguish them from the pack.
set   Traditional Real Estate Marketing Tools In order to succeed in any business venture, you must a create plan.? In real estate, the stakes are even higher.? According to a 2001 survey of realtors conducted by Real Estate Issues, the turnover rate in real estate is close to 50 percent within the first two years and 98 percent within five years.? Given these startling statistics, it is critical for every agent to create and implement results driven marketing plans.?

The premise of marketing is actually quite simple.? The first step is to generate leads, which can be converted into customers and ultimately lead to closed sales.? This of course is slightly oversimplified.? Creating a plan can be a much more daunting process for those unfamiliar with marketing strategy.?

set   Local Real Estate Marketing
The real estate industry and the real estate marketing industry is extremely localized market. A real estate marketing web site is not going to be effective for the agent unless it contains some localized information.


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