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Online Real Estate Marketing

Selling commercial and residential real estate is not the job of a real estate agent. It is a side effect. A successful real estate agent sells themselves, and the key to selling yourself is effective communication. Clear, concise, applicable marketing material that is delivered in a timely manner will develop the type of valuable leads that turn into sales. 

With the growth of the real estate market, effective communication has never been more important.  A neighborhood that was served by three or four agents may now be divided between dozens. Each agent is spending money, buying advertising, hosting open houses, and hoping to perfect a message that will distinguish them from the pack.

Most agents understand that online advertising can help them and the agent probably has some familiarity with email, websites, and advertising already. But simply “being online” is not enough. Online marketing can bring new sales if and only if it is done correctly. As with any type of promotion you have plenty of competition for your advertising dollar and a return on your investment is anything but guaranteed. And, as with any type of promotion, most of your competition is spending too much on campaigns that are overpriced, ineffective and fail to address the needs of the buyer.
Good marketing means thinking like the buyer. So what does the buyer want? The buyer is trying to answer three basic questions when they are looking for a new home.

  1. Does the home have what I need?
  2. Can I afford the home?
  3. Am I getting a good deal?

If your online marketing campaign can efficiently answer these three questions then you have effective marketing materials. And if you’re online marketing campaign can answer these three questions for the majority of buyers in your area then you have an effective marketing campaign.

Web Sites

Web sites are the great granddaddy of online real estate marketing and probably the most misused and misunderstood. If you have a web site, does it work? It is easy to find out if your site is working - just ask your webmaster how many people came to your site last year and where they came from. This information is saved in the “server logs.”   If you spend $5,000 on a real estate site that brought you 100 users who were looking for baked goods then your site is not working. If you type your name and location into Google and you can’t find your site then your site is not working.
At the very least every agent needs at least a basic site much like a business card. It is not the most exotic marketing tool but being caught without one will damage credibility.

Tips for building an effective real estate web site:

#1 Don’t start from scratch if you don’t need to. Many companies such as templatemonster.com offer beautiful templates at a fraction of the cost.
#2 Small and Beautiful is better than Big and Ugly
Two hundred pages of half-built misspelled information is worth much less than three of four pages of professionally produced, well-designed, content. Bulletin boards, messaging and added bells and whistles cost a lot and are difficult to do effectively.
#3 Give the customer what they want
 Most customers will spend less than a minute on your web site anyway. They are going to read about your model train collection or your manifesto about building the perfect Gazebo. They want to know that the agent is a professional and they want the agents contact information. Keep your contact information on every page of the site.
#4 Save some budget for marketing the site
You are going to need to reserve some budget for marketing your real estate web site. Search Engine Optimization is important in any successful web site. You may not be able to get the top site for a high value term like “real estate” but you should always be in the top ten for your neighborhood and or area.


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