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Real Estate Marketing Email (continued)

The SPAM Trap

One of the biggest drawbacks to email marketing is the abuse it has received over the last several years.  In the past, less than reputable marketers have sent out unsolicited messages, filling the inboxes of recipients with junk mail and sometime inappropriate content.  This has led the United States to draft federal legislation by way of the CAN-SPAM Act.  Under this law, email marketers can be fined up to $11,000 if they are found in violation. 

Text Box: Avoid Being Marked as SPAM    1.	Do not have a misleading or deceptive header or subject line.  2.	Provide an opt-out option and make sure all recipients have opted-in.  3.	Ask senders to add your address to the friendly senders list.  4.	Include your business postal address and mail from a reputable website.  5.	Identify your email as an advertisement.   

How to Build a List

The most successful email marketing campaigns start with a qualified list of addresses.  But how does an email marketer create such as list?  According to MarketingProf.com’s 2004 survey, 90 percent of respondents utilize an in-house list. 

The most common way to create an in-house list is through some type of sign-up.  This can be through a website subscription form or during face-to-face contact with a customer, such as a trade show or asking visitors to an open house.  The most important thing when creating a list is that the recipient opts-in.  According to Opt-In News, the newest way to ensure the validity of your mailing list is by using a double opt-in method.  Because single formats provide the opportunity for false submissions, double opt-in requires the addressee to respond to an email confirming their involvement wishes before they are added to the list.  While this makes the process longer, it lowers the risk of email being marked as spam.

Another great tool for creating a mailing list is offering an incentive for signing up.  This could be a coupon for a free home inspection, a special report on how to prepare your home for sale or other appealing offers.  Caution should be used in this list building technique, however, as some customers choose to opt-in just for the special offer only to unsubscribe later.

Purchasing or renting a list from a broker should be a last resort as it is always best to target clients who are immediately interested in your services.  If you do choose to work with a broker, make sure that they utilize opt-in names and do not harvest addresses online. 

(Real Estate Marketing Email Continued...)

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