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Real Estate Flyer Template

Real Estate Marketing Flyers are still one of the most important real estate marketing tools. According to Overture Search results, thousands of people are looking for real estate flyers on Google each month. Real estate flyers are far more than just pictures and graphics. The most advanced real estate flyer templating systems offer world class graphic design, integrated contact management, automated copywriting systems and integration with printing companies.


Text Box: Features of Advanced Real Estate Flyer Templates  1.  Graphic Design, Images and Photography  2. Contact Management  3. Printing  4. Online Flyers 

Graphic Design & Images

Professional quality images and a beautiful layout make the difference between a flyer that is read and one that is ignored. You have less than a second to grab a home buyer’s attention and that will not happen without the right graphic design. The images that were used to create the template must be integrated with your logo and the images that you plan to load into the template. Stock Photography can add a lot to a design. While you can’t buy stock photography of the actual house you can find beautiful images of most cities, features such as flower gardens or brass door handles. Use close-ups of the individual features so that it disguises the fact that they are not actually part of the home. Some of my favorite stock photography sites include Bigstockphoto.com, Istockphoto.com, Corbis.com and Photodisc.com.

Printed Real Estate Flyers from Imprev

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