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Real Estate Flyer Template (continued)

Contact Management

One of the most exciting innovations in Real Estate Flyers is in the area of content management. Addressing, labeling and mailing flyers can be a huge headache. With a proper contact management system you can load the names, addresses and email from your Rolodex into a digital solution. Just create your real estate flyer, hit one button and you have the option to send them to any number of sources or label them for a mass mailing.  If you already have your contact management system in a spreadsheet or database you can often export this information and then load it into the Real Estate Flyer System of your choosing. You can save time by asking about this feature before you sign up for a Real Estate Flyer System. You can store your logo, images, and addresses in the contact system and then load them automatically each time you choose to build a flyer.


One of the biggest advantages of the online flyer templating systems is the integration with printers and publishers. These online systems can offer great savings. They can print in bulk and sending your flyer directly to the printer through an integrated method can save time, legwork and money.

Online Flyers

There is no reason that you should only post flyers in the neighborhood. With new technologies you can deliver flyers online. Electronic newsletters, email and many other technologies can be used to perform the functions of printed flyers. These online technologies can perform things.

Online Real Estate Flyers and ENewsletters from Imprev

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