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Real Estate Marketing Plan

Target Audience

One of the critical elements of a marketing plan is determining your audience.  The audience is comprised of four groups of individuals.  The target market is the group of people who will receive your marketing message.  It is a segment of the market that is your specialty area. Perhaps you are interested in working with first time homebuyers or maybe you specialize in executive transfers.  Defining your target group will help you more clearly determine your marketing message.  In addition, there are individuals who are within your “sphere of influence.”  These are the people who you have the most in common with. 
Everybody has a group of people who they know as acquaintances.  While it is not always good business to assume your friends will use your services, often these people will know someone who fits your core audience.  Finally, there is everyone else.  These are the people who do not fit into any of the other categories, however might use your services.

Branding Strategy

A branding strategy defines the things that differentiate your services from all other agents.  If you work with a specific real estate broker, they might already have a branding strategy, however, it is important that you create your specific brand.  It is better to use your broker as one of the many service features you offer and not your brand – this will do nothing to set you apart from all the other fish in the sea. 
To develop your brand, first consider the things that make you different and unique.  Are these services beneficial to customers?  If so, use them as your brand identity.  Perhaps you have lived in the area all your life – your brand could be “a lifetime of experience” in your selling area.  Maybe you have had a great deal of corporate experience before going into real estate – an appropriate brand might be “understanding the unique needs of executives.”  Keep in mind that appropriate branding creates consistency in your logo, tagline and overall marketing message – branding is not any one single element, but rather the entire package.

Text Box: Farming With Your Brand  The term farming refers to branding your services to a specific area or market share.  It allows an agent to create additional business while still targeting other real estate segments.  After the farming area is identified, the following tips can help an agent to become a household name:  1.	Tour area homes – Get an idea of what is available in the market you are targeting.  2.	Create materials targeted to your market – Consider a newsletter or postcard to create top of mind awareness of your name and services.   3.	Run open houses in the area – If you don’t have your own listings, volunteer to hold a house open for another agent.  4.	Always follow-up – Any leads you receive from open houses or other marketing efforts must be immediately followed-up.  This will demonstrate your level of commitment to the farming area.   

Key Marketing Messages

The purpose of a marketing message is to grab the attention of your target market.  The message should clearly identify your brand image and define the attributes that set you apart from the competition.  In addition, the most effective marketing messages also have an emotional appeal.  They speak to the specific needs and desires of the target audience.  These can be things such as family security, comfort or luxury.  Focus only on a few crucial elements, as too much information can cause the reader to tune out.  In addition, it is important to speak their language.  If your target is baby boomers, you should not use terminology that would resonate with a first time homebuyer.

(Real Estate Marketing Plan Continued...)

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