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Real Estate Marketing Postcards (continued)

Less is More

Choosing the right words to present an offer or make an introduction is crucial in postcard marketing.  It is important to remember that you have a limited space to get your message across.  The purpose of the postcard is not to make the sale, but to move the prospect to another action.  Whether you want them to visit your website, attend an open house or give you a call to receive a free home security checklist, the goal is to make an appealing offer using few words.

Text Box: Tips for creating a compelling message  1.	Get to the point –make the most important thing the first item the reader sees.  This will persuade them to read on.  2.	Don’t try to sell it all – Pick a message and stick to the point.   3.	Be brief and clear – Make your message quick and easy to understand.  Assume the recipient will be reading it from the mailbox to the front door.  4.	Call for action – And make it snappy!  Let them know how you want them to respond and that the offer is only good for a certain amount of time.  “Call by November 1st for your free booklet.”   

In addition, take some time to consider is the use of color on your card.  If you are planning to use four-color process, consider printing only one side in color.  Too much color can actually create confusion for the reader.  Use rich colors on the outside of the card to draw them in and present the offer in one or two colors on the reverse side. 

The Right Size for the Job

When it comes to postcards there are a few standard sizes to consider.  Many people choose the standard 5-1/2” x 4-1/4 inch card, as it is economical for both printing and mailing.  However, a larger 8-1/2” x 5-1/2 card can add drama and impact to your message.  One thing to consider when choosing a card size is the postal charges.  If you plan to use first class mail at $.26 each, a smaller card will be more affordable, however if your piece is sent out via a bulk permit, you might consider a larger format.

Making It Memorable

Another way to capture the attention of your postcard recipient is to choose an appropriate image for your piece.  There are many different schools of thought on image selection.  The most important thing to consider is your target market.  If you will be mailing to younger first time homebuyers a hip or even offbeat photo might be appropriate.  Executives planning to relocate or upgrade will be more likely to respond to a high quality professional image.  And, if you are targeting seniors, consider a serene or peaceful photograph. 

In addition to the audience, consider your offer and the emotion you want it to evoke.  If you are sending a sincere thank you message, consider an image that shows heartfelt emotions.  Similarly, if you are looking for immediate response, a photograph that elicits high energy might be more effective.
If you are not looking for a specific image, or are not sure what your want, there are a wide variety of quality stock photography options available online or through a graphic designer.  Using a professional photographer is another choice, however this option can be quite costly (anywhere from $250 to thousands of dollars).

Real Estate Marketing Postcards Continued...

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