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Can a Postcard do More than Say ‘Hi’? (continued)

Put yourself in a prospective buyer’s shoes. Imagine you just had your first child, and you want to live closer to your parents so they can spend time with their grandchild and, more importantly, help babysit. A home goes up for sale in your parents’ neighborhood. Your parents wouldn’t be aware of it, but a postcard from the listing agent lands in their mail announcing the property is for sale. You get a call from your mom, you attend that weekend’s open house, fall in love with the property and make an offer right away.

OK, back to reality – you’re once again a real estate agent. You of course won’t always hit the kind of bullseye described above, but the cost of sending a postcard is minimal. If you work with the right vendor, you can drive the cost to as little as $1 per card, including design fees, printing and postage. At that cost, it pays to develop this channel of communication and keep using it to increase the likelihood of selling more properties over time. Remember: marketing is a numbers game. Even one extra closed sale per year is enough to pay for a lot of marketing.

If nothing else, this type of mailer creates another touch out to homeowners in the neighborhood and raises awareness of your listing activity. When someone thinks about putting their own home on the market, this increases the likelihood that you will be top of mind. Again, even one extra listing a year will pay for a lot of marketing.

The “Just Sold” Postcard Mailer

Another valuable tactic is to send a postcard mailer to the same households once the property you’ve listed has sold. Not many agents do this, but it’s a great way to build awareness and attract new listings when other homeowners in your target neighborhood decide it’s time to put their own house on the market. The “Just Sold” postcard communicates the fact that you not only list properties in your targets’ neighborhood, you sell them successfully. If the house sold in a short time or for a high price, it gives you a chance to tout the time on market and the price per square foot.

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