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Real Estate Marketing Newsletters (continued)

Enewsletter Content

The content really is the newsletter so it should not be overlooked. The content is always the most difficult part of the newsletter to create. You need to give people something that they want to read if you don’t want them to opt out of you newsletter. The newsletter may be part of your companies marketing plan but it should have something more than just typical sales jargon. Here are some ideas for enewsletter articles that you might not have thought of:

Demographic Data – “Did you know that the Pierce Court neighborhood has more than twice the number of young people under the age of eighteen than the national average. Our community is a family oriented community which is what brings our local real estate market its strength. Our kid friendly area is attracting more and more families.”

How much is your home worth? –“Real Estate values have skyrocketed in our area. A home that might have been purchased ten years ago could have tripled in value by now. Your surprise nest age may be a log bigger than you thought and your literally sitting right on top of it.”

How do you build value in your home? – What is going to add the most to value of your home? A remodeled kitchen, a tool shed out back or that little goldfish pond you always wanted? If you don’t know we’ll tell you.”
Not every agent is a great writer and top salesman do not always need to write. The Internet has huge databases of free articles that have free licensing at article databases.

Text Box: Content for your newsletter  1. Article Databases – These databases have hundreds of free articles including many  about the real estate industry . Try ArticleCity.com or Articlebase.com.  2. Use the Phrase Assistant – The Imprev phrase assistant provides headlines, sentences and paragraphs that you can use to build you newsletter.  3. Outsource it – It is cheaper than you think to hire a professional writer to create content for your newseltter 


If you want your present yourself as a professional then you are going to need some photography help. Your customers need to look at more than your smiling face each month. One of the best places to get images is through online stock photography. Stock photography can be purchased for only a dollar or two through companies such as bigstockphoto.com and istock.com. If you don’t have good photos then you won’t look professional. If your article is about rising home prices then an illustration depicting an arrow pointed upward should work you don’t need specific images for each. Make sure that the colors in the images that you choose match the colors in your newsletter template.


In the newsletter industry timing really is everything. Email is a unique form of advertising because the advertiser actually has some degree of control over when the prospect receives the ad. According to a study published by emaillabs.com “62.1% of emails were opened between Tuesday and Thursday, while only 9.1% were opened on weekends.”  According to this same study more email was opened on Tuesday than any other day of the week. An email sent on Tuesday would have six times the impact of an email sent on Sunday. Emaillabs.com also points out that email the time of the day is equally important. Email sent between nine o’clock and noon has the greatest chance of being viewed by a perspective real estate customer.

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